Richard van DijkRichard van Dijk

Richard van Dijk

"I travelled throughout New Zealand for a year and I was making simple jewellery. I realised New Zealand had lots of potential. I loved New Zealand and in 1979 moved Down Under to stay."

Janet de WagtJanet de Wagt

Janet de Wagt

"I am an information gatherer and because of my Dutch roots I have a fascination with the stories of the old masters. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I made a series of paintings representing the different stages you go through. They are all based on Rembrandt's paintings of women."

Hanz DekkerHanz Dekker

Hanz Dekker

“Integrating makes a move to a different country much more enjoyable and it makes you feel much more welcome in a community. I like to shop locally to develop a bit more of a relationship with the locals.”