Willem & Heidi van der VeldenWillem & Heidi van der Velden

Willem & Heidi van der Velden

"We had noticed there were plenty of Dutch people living and visiting here, but there didn’t seem to be a Dutch restaurant anywhere. When we moved to New Zealand I knew I wanted to make a business filling that gap, which is why we started the restaurant."

Barry de GeestBarry de Geest

Barry de Geest

"People often ask me ‘you’re successful, what drives you?’ and my answer is: being Dutch. My Dutch heritage drives me every day. It has given me perseverance, stubbornness and despite having a severe disability it makes me want to achieve and succeed every day."

Leon van den EijkelLeon van den Eijkel

Leon van den Eijkel

“Seeing Mondriaan's red cloud in a blue sky, I realised there that as an artist I could break the rules.”

Nicole HeydenrijkNicole Heydenrijk

Nicole Heydenrijk

"I’m proud of our achievement as a family. We moved to the other side of the world and worked hard to make a nice live for ourselves."

Marcel RoosMarcel Roos

Marcel Roos

"We help young people, give them an unforgettable, once-in-a-life experience and it’s a win-win for everyone. That and makes me very happy, it’s really cool work to do."

Dutch School AucklandDutch School Auckland

Dutch School Auckland

“A lot of these kids are bilingual and some even trilingual. We think it’s fantastic that we can teach them about their heritage and give them an opportunity to keep up with their Dutch culture."