Jacob de FeyterJacob de Feyter

Jacob de Feyter

"I’m very proud of the achievements of the breast cancer survivor team, because of what the members have been through. They have evolved into a great team and that’s what motivates them."

Robèrt FrankenRobèrt Franken

Robèrt Franken

"I hope to intertwine being an artist with whatever I do or think, and thereby meet myself in unexpected places."

Alfred MemelinkAlfred Memelink

Alfred Memelink

"I will always remember the feeling I had when I went to Holland for the first time. I arrived by ferry from England, seeing Holland for the first time and stepping ashore was a very memorable sensation. It was like I knew then that Holland was my fatherland but New Zealand was my homeland. And I’ve never deviated from that feeling."

Anneke BorrenAnneke Borren

Anneke Borren

"I’m very thankful that my parents brought us to New Zealand for us to develop our own individual approaches to the lives we are leading. We are incredibly lucky to live here."

Nicole HeydenrijkNicole Heydenrijk

Nicole Heydenrijk

"I’m proud of our achievement as a family. We moved to the other side of the world and worked hard to make a nice live for ourselves."

Kees DorresteijnKees Dorresteijn

Kees Dorresteijn

"The night of my first football practice, was a great experience for me to learrn about one of New Zealand's most important sports activities. The biggest surprise came when I sa the football, I had never seen such a funny shaped ball."

Boyd KlapBoyd Klap

Boyd Klap

"Dutch people who meet me, find a more laid-back approach, a non-aggressive approach which is more Kiwi than Dutch."