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Richard van DijkRichard van Dijk

Richard van Dijk

"I travelled throughout New Zealand for a year and I was making simple jewellery. I realised New Zealand had lots of potential. I loved New Zealand and in 1979 moved Down Under to stay."

Jacob de FeyterJacob de Feyter

Jacob de Feyter

"I’m very proud of the achievements of the breast cancer survivor team, because of what the members have been through. They have evolved into a great team and that’s what motivates them."

Willem & Heidi van der VeldenWillem & Heidi van der Velden

Willem & Heidi van der Velden

"We had noticed there were plenty of Dutch people living and visiting here, but there didn’t seem to be a Dutch restaurant anywhere. When we moved to New Zealand I knew I wanted to make a business filling that gap, which is why we started the restaurant."

Janet de WagtJanet de Wagt

Janet de Wagt

"I am an information gatherer and because of my Dutch roots I have a fascination with the stories of the old masters. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I made a series of paintings representing the different stages you go through. They are all based on Rembrandt's paintings of women."

Ton HamTon Ham

Ton Ham

"Moving here, I didn’t really experience a culture shock. I actually quite enjoyed it. I wanted to make the most of it."

Robèrt FrankenRobèrt Franken

Robèrt Franken

"I hope to intertwine being an artist with whatever I do or think, and thereby meet myself in unexpected places."

Barry de GeestBarry de Geest

Barry de Geest

"People often ask me ‘you’re successful, what drives you?’ and my answer is: being Dutch. My Dutch heritage drives me every day. It has given me perseverance, stubbornness and despite having a severe disability it makes me want to achieve and succeed every day."

Alfred MemelinkAlfred Memelink

Alfred Memelink

"I will always remember the feeling I had when I went to Holland for the first time. I arrived by ferry from England, seeing Holland for the first time and stepping ashore was a very memorable sensation. It was like I knew then that Holland was my fatherland but New Zealand was my homeland. And I’ve never deviated from that feeling."