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Peter van BeekPeter van Beek

Peter van Beek

In 2001 Picton Village Bakkerij was opened and since then it has won many awards including New Zealand’s best South Island bakery, which was won multiple times.

Dutch School AucklandDutch School Auckland

Dutch School Auckland

“A lot of these kids are bilingual and some even trilingual. We think it’s fantastic that we can teach them about their heritage and give them an opportunity to keep up with their Dutch culture."

Miel MeyerMiel Meyer

Miel Meyer

"We've achieved everything as a family. I can't take all the credit, it's been a team effort."

Kees DorresteijnKees Dorresteijn

Kees Dorresteijn

"The night of my first football practice, was a great experience for me to learrn about one of New Zealand's most important sports activities. The biggest surprise came when I sa the football, I had never seen such a funny shaped ball."

Boyd KlapBoyd Klap

Boyd Klap

"Dutch people who meet me, find a more laid-back approach, a non-aggressive approach which is more Kiwi than Dutch."

Foxton WindmillFoxton Windmill

Foxton Windmill

"The mill has been a real community project. It was built with local support and survived for years with one miller and volunteers who were running it."